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What is the 'Premiership Portfolio' Blog?

Two Interests...Two Passions! 

Welcome to the 'Premiership Portfolio' blog. 

The main reason I started this website is to try and explain the concepts of investing using AFL recruitment and list management analogies, so that anyone who enjoys our great game can understand them as well. 

It's a continuation of my book - Premiership Portfolio: 6 Step Guide to Succeeding in the Stock Market - that combined Australian rules football and investing in the stock market under the one cover and took readers through what feels like an entire season. 

Legendary investor, Warren Buffett, encourages investors to stick within their 'circle of competence'. I'm afraid my circle doesn't extend too far beyond the 3 F's: football, family and finance - and depending on month of the year it is, one tends to take precedence over the other.


Incorporating 15 years of investment experience and 30 years of football obsession (something unfortunately my footy tipping fails to reflect), I hope that when my email shirtfronts your inbox each week, you find it insightful and entertaining.

I don't provide financial advice and nor should any company mentioned on the website be considered advice or a recommendation to buy, hold or sell.

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