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Premiership Portfolio: 6 Step Guide to Succeeding in the Stock Market uses AFL football and list management analogies to explain how to the stock market works. Using your football knowledge, it takes you through what feels like an AFL season, starting from the National Draft Camp through to conducting your end of year review and enjoying Mad Monday.


Step 1 shows you how to identify potential recruits, where to look and what to look for.

Step 2 recommends conducting a draft camp to screen for fundamentally strong players (oops companies). What are the characteristics needed to be considered a blue chip 10 year player (investment)?

Step 3 explains how to put together a diversified watchlist of companies. This is the watchlist from which, you the coach (investor), will select your game day team (portfolio) in Step 4. The aim is to hopefully get the job done against the opposition (Mr Market).

The last two steps (Step 5 & 6) illustrate how to identify whether you’re on the right track and how to overhaul your game plan, playing list and recruitment methods.

Whether you’re a newbie to the market or an experienced stock market veteran, it is a unique and refreshing read on two interests, two passions. Foreword written by AFL Chairman Mike Fitzpatrick.

If you don’t find it terribly interesting, you should buy a copy anyway. My wife jokes that it has multiple uses. We are yet to pay for sleeping tablets since it was released. 



“What a great concept, combining footy and finance. I wish I had something like this to read when I started investing. The analogies used make it easy to follow, and it has something for newbies to the game and experienced investors.”


Anthony Koutoufides, former Carlton premiership player

“Great to have a tool that can break down the high level financial language to something which I am so familiar with, football.”


Andrew Swallow, former North Melbourne Captain


“Connects AFL and the stock market in an uncomplicated way, allowing even the lay person access to the attractive and complicated world of buying and selling shares.”


Isaac Smith, Three time Premiership player with Hawthorn Football Club

“Billy Beane of the Oakland A’s would no doubt be proud of the use of statistics in both the player and portfolio decisions.”


Mike Fitzpatrick, former AFL Chairman and Carlton Premiership player

“There are so many similarities as to what happens on the sporting field and in the world of business and commerce. Your book was able to link them well and make it an enjoyable uncomplicated read. Without your ability to relate to Australian Rules Football I certainly wouldn’t of picked this book up. Well done Sam!"

Denis Pagan, Former Dual Premiership Coach

“Purchasing Premiership Portfolio will be your best investment yet. You'll be kicking goals in the finance field before the end of the season.”


Corey McKernan, two-time Premiership Player and owner of CM Ultimate Events

"The language of football has made sense to me since I was a kid, but finances? Not so much, and I’m sure the same would apply in reverse for many people. Premiership Portfolio makes the similarities between the two worlds easier to see, and a lot easier to understand.”


Emma Quayle, columnist for The Age and author of The Draft

“Sam delivers a well structured book to the common man that at this stage may know very little on the best and most effective way to build his hard earned money. Investing in the right companies can be confusing and at times too hard. But in reality football is much the same as getting the percentages right to build your team (companies) from the ground up. All you need is time and the right structure to buy and build on. Sam provides all this to you with great examples. I hope you find it as interesting as I did.”


Jason Akermanis, 2001 Brownlow Medallist, Triple Premiership Player,
Supersonic Money Managing Director, Investor.


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